How will people find my web site on the internet?
There are several ways that people find your website once it’s published on the Internet. You receive your own address which allow your customers to find you. Let’s talk about some of the most common and popular ways.

1. Search engines this is what we look after for you. Google, Yahoo, AOL, Netscape and Bing. There are many search engines available, but these are currently the most popular.

2. Off line direct marketing and advertising materials. This includes print advertisement which are your business cards and company stationary, newspapers and magazines. From concept to design and management. McGregor Murtagh can resolve any offline marketing you need.

3. Links or ads residing on other websites that when clicked, take visitors to your website. These ads can be purchased. We have negotiated the best deals with prime websites that we can offer you.

4. One of our favourites is word of mouth though social media platforms and offline.
How do I know if I need a shopping cart?
If you plan to have more than 10 products on your website you need a virtual “shopping cart” in which your customers can put their products.
How do I update my web site?
All our websites are built in WordPress. Which easily allows you to make adjustments. We back up all the websites in case you accidentally click anywhere you shouldn't have!
Do you write my web site text for me?
Don’t listen to those naysayers who tell you that website visitors only scan headlines and look at cute pictures. It’s a fact that visitors are more interested in what you write than every other aspect on the page. The problem is that most web writing is dreadfully boring, and oddly self-gratifying. We can manage copy writing for your business. All our work is proofed by you before it can be seen by the public to ensure you can get your message off the way you want it to.
How can I get support for my website?
We have a number of different ways of contacting our support team. Our call centre is open 24/7 and allows customers to leave a message for the support team. All calls will be returned during 9-5pm Eastern standard time. (Mon - Sun) We have a support ticket system which is easy to send us any issues you may come across.
Can you help me get more leads for my business?
We know how to get leads harnessing the power of the internet. We want to give you the same structure and process that all our clients have used to generate massive amounts of leads on-line.
Our proven step by step process will make sure that your business is seen and will enjoy leads from many on-line marketing portals.
Can I offer my items for free on a promotional basis?
We regularly recommend all our customers to think about ongoing promotions to get people coming back to there websites. We can show you what has worked in the past to generate more inquiry and indeed more sales.
How much does a web site cost?
Please see our pricing table for our latest prices but each is project based and negotiable. We want to work with you long term and make you happy referring customers.
You will not be disappointed with the service you are provided with.
What ongoing costs are there?
Having a website has some maintenance costs that you need to be aware of including, yearly domain registration fees, hosting fees and adjustment fees. Depending on the plan you are on we can run you through the different scenarios and pricing. The internet is always changing and new ways to promote your products are coming out every day. We make sure your product is seen and use only the best online marketing to service your product or service.
How long does it take to get a web site designed?
The estimated time of completion with websites depends on the type of website you want, and is completely project-based.
About 50%-70% of the actual time is from communication; the amount of time it takes for the designer and client to exchange details of the website such as text, photos, media etc.
Communication time also includes going through the standard approval processes when building a website including layout approval, text proofreading, testing links and functions, log in procedures, plus a whole lot more.
Our step by step process keeps you informed along the way. Our team is capable of getting jobs completed within 24 hours.
Contact our team today to discuss your circumstances.